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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bold in Emerald

I discovered my love for green hues last year and I added some nice pieces to my wardrobe. Unfortunately the malls didn't have many nice items in store in that beautiful rich colour. Since Pantone has announced Emerald as the colour of this year, I am more than thrilled to spot more and more jewel toned clothes in the stores. While I did some shopping in Sarasota, the malls were replete with beautiful spring collections in that colour and I flew high.
so that the top sticks out more I kept the rest of the look in black but mixed different textures in between so it gives the ensemble an interesting touch. Plus being not that tall, keeping the bottom black elongates my short legs *winner*
Eric took the pictures in Greenville, South Carolina while we strolled through the park and had lunch. Beautiful day and always love when he takes my blog pics.

PS: Any tips on how I can size my pics equally are highly appreciated :-)

<3 Ani