Saturday, April 9, 2016

Leather Ensemble with fringe details

Jacket: Ibana PISA; Fringe Shirt: Asos; Pants: H&M; Heels: Sienna;  Bag: Linda Diamanti

Wanna add something cool, exciting yet playful to your wardrobe? I think a fringe top is the go piece to achieve that.
Fringes on clothes or accessoires have such a magic power of looking on point. Because of their versatility they can  switched up from festival to office looks so easily, they are literally easy to blend into any look or style.
I love how those tassels are dancing around my hips while walking- such a guilty pleasure
While this top look posh and chic paired with those leather pants I can see the tassel top with denim shorts in the summer for a more bohemian touch to it.

I just recently got myself a fringed bikini and cant wait to wear it this summer. I literally drape myself in tasselled anything and it's the easiest trend to do because of its statement quality :-)

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