Saturday, December 29, 2012

Geometrics for New Years EVE

Skirt: Asos
Peplum: Zara
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Mango
Gloves: Görtz
Heels: Asos

Wearing a geometrical miniskirt with a metalic finish in regard to the pattern, cut and shape screams to be paired with a neutral like black, anything else would be way too overloaded. 
As a woman with curves a skirt with that kind of shape and cut  is not flattering at all from the BACK. Having a wide hip and a butt that needs an own zip code, the skirt appears as if I am wearing diapers- not sexy at all [a good thing men don't have a reflex to look after heinies]
Anyways, are you into the metalic textures/colours as much as I am recently?

This is my last post for this year. The pics were obviously taken when I was blonde a couple weeks ago.
So I will be heading to Florida Fort Lauderdale tomorrow to spend a week there. Where are you celebrating NYE?

It was such much fun to make so many great new blogger friends this year. Thank you so much for the great inspiration you gave me and for following along.

<3 Ani

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Old Flame Never Dies with blogger friend SAM

Hola fahionistas. Are you ready for this Hollywood VIP laywer from tomorrow? Not only is she beautiful like hell but smart as a fox so of course I am beyond amazed that my fellow lawyer blogger friend Sam from Sam ipsa Loquitur  is aboard when its time to digg for your oldies but goddies in my edition of "An old flame never dies". 
Ok, so what makes a blog interesting? 
A captivating style of writing with engaging and original stories which reflect life and experience with a huge dish of HUMOR Sam: CHECK
Creative fasciniting and inspiring fashion style that are eye candy. Sam: CHECK
So you say beauty and intelligence paired in one is not possible? Hell yeah Sam makes it possible! CHECK CHECK CHECK :-)
Oh and she sews the most adorable bed quilts BUT her domestic skills have capable of improvement till she stops sewing herself hehe ;-) I know that I will wrap my future babies in her lovely handmade blankets *happy*
It is indeed a declaration of love for my sassy nuggets blog :-) But check it out yourself and you know what I 'm talkin' about :-) 

 Jacket: HauteLook (2 years old) | Turtleneck: Target (a million years old) | Skirt: Forever21 (3+ years old) | Boots: Charlotte Russe (3+ years old) | Tights: Target (1 month old)

Hello fleurani-ans, I'm Sam! I'm a third-year law student, a crazy dog lady, a huuuuuuge college basketball fan, and a brand new baby blogger at Sam ipsa Loquitur. By "baby blogger" I mean I just started a few months ago, I don't actually blog about babies. I'm terrified of babies. Aaaaand I'm already off topic. I about peed my pants when Ani asked me to be a part of this series, because I've been following it from the start and I think the concept is so much fun. You guys already know this girl is a pro at putting together gorgeous, sophisticated outfits, so after I remembered that I'm fully potty trained I went into straight-up panic mode wondering what the heck I was going to wear.
This was especially hard for me since I've been systematically eliminating (okay, donating to Goodwill, but "systematically eliminating" sounds so much Jason Bourne-ier) my clothes from undergrad. My college experience was a parade of frat parties and disposable F21 dresses, and that does not translate well for business casual environments. It also doesn't really translate well for a big-kid budget - even $15 dresses need to last more than one wear. I don't really know how I pulled it off in college, except that I lived almost entirely off Cheerios, popcorn, and Velveeta shells & cheese cups since I didn't know how to cook yet, so my grocery bill was basically nonexistent.
Even though I've gotten rid of quite a bit, there are some things in my closet that I just can't bring myself to get rid of, so they have to adapt to this brave new world of semi-professionalism or perish. And by semi-professional, I don't mean that I'd ever wear a sequin mini and thigh-high boots to the office --- okay, I see what you're thinking! "Suuuure, Sam... law school... right... is that what the cool kids are calling strip clubs these days..." Trust me, unless they're in the market for girls whose go-to moves include the shopping cart and the sprinkler, it's a no go. What I meant is that I wouldn't be totally humiliated if I ran into someone I work with while wearing this outfit. After all, I'm 24, I'm not dead.
Some things are just beyond saving, but if you find yourself trying to transition your old clothes into a new lifestyle, here are my top tips for making those semi-slutty clothes from yesteryear appropriate for your grown-up (okay, semi-grown-up) self:

If It's Short
Add opaque tights or jeans if it's tunic-length. 
Add shorts or a skirt and wear it as a top if it's really questionable.

If It's Tight
Try to wear dresses as a top, and tuck it into a skirt.
Wear longer, blouse-y layers over a tight skirt. Cover your bum! Add tights if it's also a #1.

If It's Sleeveless/Strapless/Crazy Low Cut
Layer it with a printed collared blouse, a turtleneck, or a cami and top it off with a blazer. Blazers are your friend!

Thanks, Ani, for letting me hang out on your blog today!

And for teaching me fun German words. Miauh!

And for being your beautiful, sassy, blonde/brunette bombshell self :)

Thank you for this wunderbar  contribution to my blog today Sam, YOU are just so glamourisish :-D

PS: If you wanna be a part of this series, let me know!

<3 Ani

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Series 3 in 1: Laced in elegance

Dress: H&M
Tights: Asos
Pumps: Fabiani
Purse: Chanel
Necklace: H&M
Earrings: Baptism gift from my mom

When I spotted this emerald laced dress at H&M it was love at first sight and it has been on heavy rotation since then as you can see in the 3 in 1 mix. After going through the rack for the 15th time to look for a german size 38 (US 6) and couldn't find it,  I gave a 4 a try. AND TARA it fitted perfectly hahaha. They had it in burgundy too and even in my size, but it wasn't as flattering as the green one. What is your exprience? Do you usually give up when not finding your size of a beloved item or do you give other sizes a try? I made pretty good experience so far for going up and down and my wardrobe loves to take care of this new baby :-)

A wonderful Merry Christmas to all my beautiful blogger friends. I am so glad that I met you in the blogosphere this year and I am so thankful for all the inspiration you gave me and your support.

Love y'all :-*
<3 Ani

Friday, December 14, 2012

It List #3

While I am in the air right now crossing the Atlantic Ocean to see my baby in a couple of hours you can enjoy another great selection of beautiful bloggers with an unique style. Take care and see you soon!
  • Fancy Francy looks so chic in leopard, leather and cozy knits - the ultimate winter look! So cute! (find Fancy Francy on Twitter!)
  • The Second Best is satisfying her color craving in bright hues and printed pants that she carried over from her summer wardrobe! Love this look! (find Second Best on Twitter!)
  • Ishi is making her closet do double duty and rocking her shorts even in the colder temps! Pop over to see how she styled this versatile piece to stay warm!
  • Fleurani is sporting a new hair color and new glasses while frolicking in the snow! She looks so cozy in plaid and a bright blazer! (find fleurani on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Lookbook is channeling her inner Sex and the City and pulled out her vintage fur coat for the first time! Absolutely fabulous! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • See Mo Go is sporting a festive new top for a day out Christmas tree shopping! Pop over to see where she found her (on sale) sweater! (find See Mo Go on Twitter!)
  • My Thrifty Chic is showing us how to make our own embellished sweater for the infamous Tacky Christmas party that everyone finds themselves at this time of year! Head over to get some inspiration and see her tips! (find My Thrifty Chic on Twitter!)
  • The Chic Curator rounds up some fab finds in emerald - the new color of the year! Go check out all of the cute pieces and scoop up some emerald of your own!
  • Laura Wears is trying her hand at vintage clothing for the first time in plaid pants and she knocked it out of the park! Don't miss her fun menswear accessory! (find Laura Wears on Twitter!)
  • Sam ipsa Loquitur shows us how to look chic on a major budget! The whole outfit is under $50 - impressive! (find Sam ipsa Loquiter on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation proves that you really can wear white after labor day! Head over to find out how she styled her summer jeans for cooler temps! (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Rose a la Mode is thinking pink in a casual tone-on-tone look ready for a weekend out and about! So cute! (find Rose a la Mode on Twitter!)
  • Good Life glams up her look a bit with a fabulous fur cowl that she scored on the cheap and a hint of glitter! Definitely one to recreate! (find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East shares her favorite type of room with us - lived in and cozy but still chic and stylish! Pop over to see the room and the outfit that were recreated from the inspiration look! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Sweetie Pie Style shows us the 13 pieces she can't live without in her winter wardrobe and how to make them into 9 outfits! Love them all! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
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<3 Ani

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Olive skater dress with PU Panels

Dress: Asos
Belt: Asos
Wedgies: Masion Martin Margiela for H&M
Gloves: Görtz
Necklace: H&M
Purse: Chanel

I was looking for THE perfect winter dress and here it is. It's all about the detailing: an asymmetric zip through front, leather-look panels to the chest and arms, a fitted high waist with pressed seams, a softly pleated fluid skirt with a mini-length cut, and a zip closure to the side. It's a really rich material which keeps you wonderful warm in that winter wonderland landscape. I played with black accessoires and especially heart this wonderful black gold spiked belt, it adds so much personaliy to this dress. I am most excting about those black plexi glas wedgies from Maison Martin Margiela, it really takes my outfit to another level. Ok and I wouldn't be the SALE'S QUEEN MOMA if I wouldn't purachse them for  349$  60€. YEAH I know I should get an award for that achievment :-D CHEERS!

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PS: Only 3 times of sleeping till I can nose cuddle my american baby and fly to the US. You can't even imagine how exciting this brunette girl is to have 4 weeks off *clapping*
On another note I am pretty bussy right now with work and preparing for my vacations so that I don't have time to comment on your lovely posts but I can reassure that I read each of them. I will get back on my blog duties as soon as I can. I have set up my posts in advance and I hope you stick with me in the next 4 weeks that I am absent, that would mean so much to me :-) You are the GREATEST :-)

<3 Ani

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yes to 4 eyes and brunette hair

YEAH, come all in, you are right if you wanted to visit fleuranis blog. It's me ANI. And no, it's no wig and yes I really have bad vision.........
Blazer: H&M
Plaid Shirt: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Hat: H&M (Old)
Gloves: Görtz (old)
Necklace: HRH Collection
Glasses: Firmoo

When I got my hair coloured brunette on thursday I was anything other than happy with the result. Getting home with puffy eyes from crying I was super excited finding my new glasses from in the mailbox. That def highlighted my day. Thanks again Firmoo!!!!
As a child I always hated wearing glasses and have always been embarassed to wear them: Far-Sighted (the reason why my eyes look so BIG), Cross-eyed and astigmatism.
I am everything else than gifted with great vision. Well obviously my crossed eyes got fixed by now :-D

So can you imagine the reaction at work the next day?
New glasses and new hair colour- a new Ani was born and everybody was pleased with the result *PUH* Seriously I slept so bad and was really anxious how they all will tell me what the heck I was thinking.

It’s crazy how a pair of glasses with different styles of frame can instantly upgrade your look and have the affect of raising your IQ by at least 50 points and with the brown hair its now at a total of 233 :-)
Hey comon I need to put lipstick on the pig :-D

I was so pleased with the black and blue frame which otally underlines my blue greyish eyes. Firmo really has a great selection  to choose from and helps to fill out the infos for prescription glasses.
Take a hot chocolate and make yourself comfy to visit

More importantly, they have an introductory special of a first pair free program, check it out here.  All glasses are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses.  They are also excellent quality, affordable prices, fast delivery and good service! You ONLY have to pay shipping !  If you’re not satisfied you can get a refund or exchange. I wil def get my bf some HOT glasses, I have no clue where he found his current ones :-D

I’m curious to see what all of you think of my new hair colour and new glasses? Please be honest my feelings won't be hurt *Scout's honor* :-)

PS: Thank you for all your lovely encouraging words on friday. You guys are just so sweet and I am so thankful to call you my blogger friends and have all your support :-)

<3 Ani

Friday, December 7, 2012

It List + New hair colour

Welcome to another week of a great selection of bloggers. In this edition I am barocking with a gold opulent skirt. Hope you enjoy!
Oh yeah for those who consulted me in my hair colour choice. I did it AND what can I say, I wish I would have stayed a BLONDY, I told the hair stylist to pick a warm brown tone as I have a warm skintone. Now I have a cold brown and it feels like I am having dead hair on my head AND my blue eyes don't pop they are tearing. Sometimes its just better not to change anything, well oh well..... I don't think I can take any more blog pictures beeing that ugly till I will be blonde again. And the worst part, I wanted to be pretty for my man whom I will be seeing next friday in the USA after 3 months. He will probably just leave me behind at the airport. So anybody who lives near the Washington DC airport might have a heart for an unhappy brunette who will always stay blond in her HEART and will give me a home till January 6th? ;-)

  • A Devine Life turned an old dress into a new skirt by layering a sweater on top! A great way to transition your summer wardrobe into cooler temps! (find a Devine Life on Twitter!)
  • Rach.E. Cakes is rocking one of her go-to feel good dresses that is versatile enough for work or play! Pop over to see why she keeps reaching for this pretty little number! (find Rach.E.Cakes on Twitter!)
  • Fancy Francy gives us some great tips on how to style a midriff bearing bandeau top and shared two looks for inspiration! Great solutions to one of the more difficult pieces in our closet! (find Fancy Francy on Twitter!)
  • The Second Best is recreating a low-key look from another blogger and knocked it out of the park! Goes to show that inspiration is everywhere! (find Second Best on Twitter!)
  • Ishi is showing us her studious side and how she stays stylish and comfortable for days spent with her nose in the books! So cute!
  • Fleurani lets her pretty gold skirt shine by pairing it with lots of black! It's gorgeous and the perfect piece for holiday party season!
  • Rachel's Lookbook takes her outfit to the next level by throwing on some purple tights! Such a fun way to add excitement to your look! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • See Mo Go is totally comfy in her new printed cords! She paired them with a blazer and boots and is ready for a day at the office!(find See Mo Go on Twitter!)
  • My Thrifty Chic pairs her new glasses and patterned tights together for a geek chic look! The total outfit only cost $55! Go check it out! (find My Thrifty Chic on Twitter!)
  • The Chic Curator gives us a bedroom duvet breakdown on a budget with three different price points to choose from! Pop over to check out the super cute bedding and find out where to buy!
  • Laura Wears is showing off her holiday party style - a little bit of sparkle mixed with a little bit of responsibility! Love this look! (find Laura Wears on Twitter!)
  • Sam ipsa Loquiter wrapped up her 30 f0r 30 challenge and she definitely ended on a high note! Pattern mixing at its finest! (find Sam ipsa Loquiter on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation is showing us some love in a gorgeous new sweater! No better (or more stylish) way to make a statement than that! (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is in love with a bright and beautiful little girl's room! She recreated the look in a room and an outfit - tons of great pieces! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Sweetie Pie Style rounds up her favorite stylish rain boots after getting tons of use out of hers lately! Head over to pick out your favorite pair to be ready for the rain (or snow!) ahead! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
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PS: I am on Twitter too now, since I realized that I have been the only absentee:in the whole wide world web and in the It-List from last week, I needed to change that, right? :-D
 @fleurani - JUST SAYING ;-)

<3 Ani

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baroque it

Opulent and rich applications, brocade, gold ornaments, metallic embroidery and touchable textures bring the luxuriant era to life again this party season. They are worn on dresses as well as on jewellery. Inventor of the baroque looks is the designer Christian Lacroix. He revived the Haute Couture in the 80's, his style influences the fashion world to date.
As the skir is so rich in colour and texture I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple by pairing it with a black peplum, tights and heels. The combination of a baroque skirt with peplum exudes feminity and elegance. Do you get inspired of this trend as much as I do?

PS: I have a Twitter account now: Follow me: @fleurani

<3 Ani

Monday, December 3, 2012

Chateau Chic/Twitter Newbie

Hat: H&M
Blouse: Daisy Rae Boutique
Suspenders: H&M
Skirt: Promod (old, very old)
Tights: H&M
Boots: H&M (old)
Necklace: HRHCollection
Ring: Pilgrim

Nowadays most of us look at suspenders as antique objects but back in the 60's they made some interesting fashion statements. As a lover of old Hollywood movies I always adored men wearing suspenders, I think they symbolize classic menhood, well with one exception :-): -> Steve Urkel
When I went shopping with an old university friend in Constance I discovered those cute burgundy babies and onsidered to add a pair of suspender to my collection of accessoire. It's just a fun way to accessorize your clothing and immediately bring that chic twist  and a unique vintage yet elegant touch to your look.
I have worn another look with suspenders here.

I think my whole outfit wouldn't be as audacious without suspenders. So little accents like these transform an outfit and can be the finishing touch to pull your color or outfits all together!

consider adding a pair of suspenders to your collection of accessories. - See more at:
consider adding a pair of suspenders to your collection of accessories. - See more at:

Friday, November 30, 2012

the IT list!

Hey gals,
I am so very excited to present to you the it list for the next 3 fridays. I will be sharing with you these awesome fashionistas-  HOLA chicas :-)
Look who that is in the uper left hand, she looks pretty blue :-D

  • Laura Wears dresses up her cozy fair aisle sweater with a blazer for a chic, winter-ready look! Pop over to check out her cute stocking cap, too! (find Laura Wears on Twitter!)
  • Peach Gingham pairs polka dots with a fur vest - what an amazing combination! The perfect casual back-to-work outfit! (find Peach Gingham on Twitter!)
  • A Devine Life is mad for plaid this season and pairs it with heels and pearls - a beautiful classic look! (find a Devine Life on Twitter!)
  • Rach.E. Cakes is jumping on the animal trend in an outfit that is cute and comfortable enough for a long day of traveling at the airport! Pop over to see what furry friend she is sporting! (find Rach.E.Cakes on Twitter!)
  • Behind The Dressing Room Door gives us the scoop on a mini sale going on at Anthropologie! Definitely a good time to stock up on dresses and sweaters! (find Behind the Dressing Room Door on Twitter!)
  • Living After Midnite found a gem of a bag at a recent sample sale and she hasn't put it down since! Head over to see her fabulous new bag! (find Living After Midnite on Twitter!)
  • Fancy Francy shows us how to incorporate tights and leggings into our winter wardrobe! Pop over for some style tips and to check out these two looks! (find Fancy Francy on Twitter!)
  • Second Best is rocking her favorite winter staple that we all have - even men! Head over to see what it is and where she found it! (find Second Best on Twitter!)
  • Ishi is all puffed up in her favorite winter coat and it extremely warm, but still chic! Go check it out - such a great price point, too!
  • Fleurani shows us that black and blue really do go together! A sophisticated look with a fun, unexpected twist!
  • Rachels Look Book proves that neon isn't going anywhere soon with this festive but comfy look! Her sweater is to die for - a must see! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • See Mo Go is finally pulling out her favorite Christmas dress now that Thanksgiving is over - perfect for the holidays! So cute! (find See Mo Go on Twitter!)
  • My Thrifty Chic is rocking some fun printed pallazo pants she found while thrifting - such a great find at an even better price! (find My Thrifty Chic on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is dreaming of spring even though winter is just beginning. Head over to check out the fresh and bright dining room she loving this week! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Sweetie Pie Style recreates an outfit that would be perfect for a holiday party with friends in gorgeous winter whites! She also gives some great tips for dressing in monochromatic tones!! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second Street East.
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PS: It seems like I am the only one who didn't join the Twitter world, HELP I really don't have a clue how that works. All those" @ instgra.gooo.dfdoe" and what ever seems like a language itself that seems so complicated fore me as a Computer "PRO" OMG hahahaha:-D

<3 Ani

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Paisley in the fog

 Dress: Zara
Boots: Zara
Hat: H&M
Gloves: Görtz
Cuff: Mango
Bag: Vintage

The last 2 weeks south Germany was covered by a fog and mist blanket. I even missed the driveway home as I couldn't see anything. By the way in Germany the word "Mist" is used in the context of "Shit.. or Damn" thought I shared it with you as I had a really funny experience. My american boyfriend gifted me a body mist  last christmas, so I was like "Ok and why do I get a scent that smells like shit?" hahaha totally cracked his family up. Seriously to that time I wasn't familiar with this word, you never stop learning silly german gal :-D

As far as my outfit is concerned I can tell you, that except of the hat everything is at least 3 years old. I love reshopping my closet. I got this super flirty dress 3 years ago for christmas and never wore it since then. A pair of nice burgundy booties would have been a great match with this look but the Mango ones I ordered were super chic but uncomfy, so I returned them and still on the hunt for a nice pair. If you see some elegant yet comfy booties let me know.