Thursday, January 31, 2013

TOP 2+1 Office Chic

 I’m linking up with Amy over at Fashion & Beauty Finds to show you my “Top 3” outfits from January.  Make sure you visit her blog to get inspired by all the other amazing and beautiful bloggers out there.

Outfit No. 1

Cooperating sparkling items in the office attire can dust off the conservative sidecompletely. The pleated skirt and the silk scarf gives the ensemble an elegant and chic finish. I am super happy how versatile that dress can be styled and will you show different possibilities in the near future.

 Outfit No. 2
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Outfit No. 3

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bold in Emerald

I discovered my love for green hues last year and I added some nice pieces to my wardrobe. Unfortunately the malls didn't have many nice items in store in that beautiful rich colour. Since Pantone has announced Emerald as the colour of this year, I am more than thrilled to spot more and more jewel toned clothes in the stores. While I did some shopping in Sarasota, the malls were replete with beautiful spring collections in that colour and I flew high.
so that the top sticks out more I kept the rest of the look in black but mixed different textures in between so it gives the ensemble an interesting touch. Plus being not that tall, keeping the bottom black elongates my short legs *winner*
Eric took the pictures in Greenville, South Carolina while we strolled through the park and had lunch. Beautiful day and always love when he takes my blog pics.

PS: Any tips on how I can size my pics equally are highly appreciated :-)

<3 Ani

Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 in 1 remix: Patterned Pants

Blazer: H&M
Pants: H&M
Turtle Neck: H&M
Boots: Buffalo
Purse: Chanel
Headband: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Ring: Pilgrim

1. red splash 2. patterned on repeat 


Those diamond patterned pants are my probably on of my latest obsession probably due to the fact that I had nothing this patterned in my closet, until I found these pants. Since I purchased it, I've had a hard time finding pieces it does not go with :-)
I just love the versatility of those pants. Depending on the occasion it can be dressed up and down. In the previous posts I gave it a streetstyle touch with the short red blazer and a more office appropriate appearance paired with a fresh green shade blazer as you can see in the remix above. My flower headband and the silver necklace are the perfect feminine pieces to add some sparkle and girlyness to my look.

PS: These are second last pictures that were taken from Anna-Lena before I decided to go brunette. Will share my pics from the USA with you soon, I promise but didn't want to withhold this look from you guys :-)

<3 Ani

Monday, January 21, 2013

As white as snow as red as blood as black as ebony

How cute is this layered skirt with fixed pleats? It really got me at the daisy cutwork detailing as I don't have anything like that in my wardrobe yet.
It's so festive and  was perfect for christmas paired with some gold accessoires :-)
It has short sleeves, so its even wearable in the summer time. What not to like about this versatile baby?

Taking pics in the snow made me feel like snowwhite, my favorite fairy tale :-)

PS: Down below you can see how I styled the dressed at Christmas EVE.

I love kissing my baby and taking lovey dovey pics :-). You can call me the lovey dovey queen if you want to *hehe*
Ok, and here a collage of the attempt of taking a family picture. What a challenge- Holly Molly.
It doesn't go without notice that Eric enjoyed the selftimer. He was ( so unusual for him as introvertive) overly participating in giving us some hot poses *IMAO*. You gotta love him :-)

<3 Ani

Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the blogger world/belated Review of 2012

After 4 weeks of vacation I am back and it feels great to sleep in my own bed again and having time to do normal stuff, like blogging and going to the gym. Let me tell you, also it was so great to see my bf and my family, that travelling totally exhausted me (Friedrichshafen-Frankfurt-DC-South Carolina-Sarasota-Miami- all the way back and then in Germany: Frankfurt-Cologne-Bielefeld-Hannover-Augsburg-Ulm- Friedrichshafen) and carrying all that heavy stuff with me ( I had to leave 10 pounds at the D.C airport with my bf) and carried all that luggage with me to my parents as I went directly form the airport to see them, absolutely screwed my back. I need to see the chiropratctor today as I feel my bones are not in the position where they should be.
Nevertheless, I intended to do a review before I left mid december but didnt find the time to do a collage of  my favourite looks of 2012, so here it is, I hope you enjoy and let me know which outfits were your favourites from each season? :-)

<3 Ani

Saturday, January 5, 2013

An Old Flame Never Dies #4

 Vest: Boutique (7 years old)
Pants: Boutique (7years old)
Plaid Blouse: (2 years old)
Sweater (4 months)
Cowboy boots (2 years old)

Beeing on a low budget right now paying my students loan back by the end of next may, I am more into reshopping my closet than ever. Totally forgot about these pants and vest sitting in the back of the closet when I was putting out all my winter clothes. A good thing pattern pants showed up in the trend list last year. The fact that the main pieces are over 7 years old and still beeing fashionable makes me a happy gal!

<3 Ani