Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hippie Flower POWER Girl - Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!
WELCOME Summer, it's such a pleasure that you  finally made your way to lake constance and I am overwhelmed to wear my favourite flower print maxi dress. I paired it with a vintage embellished camel belt, my favourite Sheik and Sheba necklaces from HRH Collection, some gold coloured flip flops and the most important accessoires my guitar :-D. On my way home from work I got that afflatus to use my guitar that was stowed away in the basement since I got it when I was 13 and wanted to learn playing the guitar like my favourite music band to that time the Kelly Family. OMG did I just really outed myself`of having been a Kelly Family fan? haha I guess so. But hey for the most part they looked like hippies as well so whatever. My friend Daria and I took exactly two hours of guitar lessons until the guitar ended up in a back corner of the basement. Until today I rediscovered it as a pretty chic accessoire for my hippie flower power shoot. I knew it wasn't a total wast of money and  can prove that to my mom who always remembered me how expensive that instrument was :-D
I am totally in love with the beautiful landscape around my apartment, so in my opinion nothing reflects the feeling of the 70's environment better than a rape field. How good does it feel to be in harmony with the nature, smell the scent of fresh grass and feel it barefoot? :-)
A big compliment to my lil sis Anna-Lena who has a great photographical talent for her age of 13.
I hope you enjoy my inspirational flower power shot and would love if you leave me some comments and subscribe to my blog.

Have a great weekend loves,

Maxi dress: C&A; Vintage belt: Marshals; Clutch: Asos; gold Flip Flops: TJ Maxx; rusty orange Heels: Zara; Hat: H&M; Necklace: HRH Collection; Bracelet: C&A

While I was editing my blog I was listening to Scott Mckenzie-San Francisco. Hope you enjoy.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's crazy how fast time passes by, isn't it? Today is Erics' and I 3 years anniversary, I can't believe how quickly the last 3 years have flown by ! I guess time runs really quickly when you're having a wonderful and fun time with someone you really love. It's so nice to look back at all the amazing moments we had together. I am so gratefull for all the amazing experiences we could share with each other also it's a really challenge to be apart (Germany - USA) all the time. Distance relationships are not for everybody and really takes perseverance, trust and deep emotions.  However, I am so grateful that I found my soulmate with whom I can  share common values and dreams  in life with.

Pretty sad that we can't celebrate our anniversary  together today, I remember 3 years ago we had a blast in the Caribean Saint Maarten. Can't wait to see him again  in August till then I enjoy my beautiful bouquet of flowers I got from him today by mail  ( I have put an aspirin in the vase so they stay alive longer) and Skyping :-). Thank goodness there is SKYPE. I have no clue what we would do without the videochats every day - probably die of longing and heartache which I kinda do anyways.
Oh gosh,  how excited I am when I get boxes delivered with  pretty flowers from Eric.  Waiting for the day when Eric is standing infront of my door and giving me flowers instead of the mail man ;-) .. Anyhow, I am a lucky girl and excited what the future has in store for us :-)

Always keep in mind, the most important thing in life is just to love and be loved in return.

Ok so I matched the outfit to my happy mood and the flowers. I absolutely love my lemon yellow skinny jeans. It will totally rock the summer and is so versatile, can't wait to wear it with different tops. I got this fun flowing flowerprint babydoll  in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I used to live and study there and can't wait to visit this metropolis again this summer with Eric and show him on of my favourite cities, totally lost my heart there :-)

Top: Mango (old); Yellow skinny jeans: Asos; Sandals: Zara; Necklace: H&M; Bracelet: Asos

Top: Mango (old); Yellow skinny jeans: Asos; Sandals: Zara; Necklace: H&M; Pearl gold Bracelet: Asos

Hope y' all have a great start in the week!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cornflower Blue vs. Mustard Yellow


Thank goodness it has been a sunny day so far, it was raining literally the past 2 weeks, I guess typical april weather.
So, I was pretty excited for this weekend to take more pics for my blog. During the week I am a total workaholic beeing stucked in the company till late every day and then the lightning is just not appropriate when I get home. However what can I say I just love beeing an HR Representative dealing with different candidates. Every day is different and you never know what is expecting you next.
Anyways, it was just great sleeping in today, going to the gym and spending some time with my lil sis, who takes my pics for my blog. I am so thankful she has that photographical sense.
For the scenerey we picked out another castle in the town I live. In the background you can see the Alps and Lake Constance. So much in love with my new hometown.

Ok let's get started with my outfit. I immediately fell in love with  this nice blue and turqouise patterned blouse when I saw it at Zara. I knew it would fit perfectly with my new favourite cornflower blue skinny jeans from Asos. Isn't it so refreshing and fun? Colourwise I matched my nails with the jeans.
I wanted those heels that I am wearing  for a long time and they were always out of stock. Last week whiile I was looking for some new clothes at asos I saw that one last pair of heels in size 7,5 were available- MY size :-), of course I ordered them immediately and were screaming like a weirdo but who cares, right? ;-). Must have been destiny hahaha. I can wear them perfectly to work when I am having interviews with my candidates or even when I go out with friends. Absolutely versatile and chic, so in love with them.

Hope y'all enjoy my oufit and have a wonderful weekend. I will meet my girlfriend to have some ice cream at the promenade in a lil bit YEAH. CHEERS to a hopefully sunny weekend!


Blouse: Zara; Skinny cornblue candy jeans: Asos;Point court heels with metal toe cap:Asos;
    Jacket: Zara  (Old); Mustard clutch: Asos; Sunnies; Channel; Necklace Sheba: HRH Collection;

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Bloom




I felt so bloomy today, so I decided to wear my favourite sheer flower print blouse and combined it with light nude accessoires. I am totally obsessed with pastels for the spring/summer. I am especially in love with the detaling of my Escada shoes and my all time favourite Sheik necklace from HRH Collection. You should really check out her homepage :-)
For the scenery I picked out the castle in Salem (Germany) where already prince Charles went to boarding school.
It totally underlines the romantic and cheerful outfit.
That outfit is so much me – fleurani :-)

Off white skinny Jeans HM: Ligt pink linen blazer Zara; White Chanel bag; Nude gold detailing Pumps ESCADA:  Peach flower print blouse ROMWE; Gold sheik chain necklace HRH Collection (

Check out Elena's wonderful spring look and link up as well: dcinstyle

Sunday, April 1, 2012

 Spring Awakening in the countryside!

Tara, I finally decided to start my own fashion blog and took advantage of this nice beautiful spring day in the countryside to take some pictures of my outfit of the day.
I have moved to south germany in the lake constace area a year ago to start my position as a Human Resources Representative and don't regret it at all. It's one of the nicest spots in germany and we get so many tourists from all over the world as its simply BEAUTIFUL. With a  high level of residential and leisure value (I can watch over  the Algäu Alps and lake constance) Switzerland and Austria is nearby.
Ok I have to admit that it wasn't that easy to move from a big city to the countryside with no shopping possibilities nearby but that is seriously the ONLY  disadvantage. Thank goodness there are Online Stores, where I can satisfy my passion ;-)

Hope you will enjoy the put together of my outfits in the future. I will definitely integrate the nice environment with its castels, lakes etc. in my pics :-)
Cheers to the weekend!

Forever 21 Blazer, Zara Wax Jeans, Zara black bow High Heels, HRH Collection Necklace, Bijou Brigitte Bracelet, Belmondo Bowling bag, Asos striped Top