Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trend link up: SHEER Exposure


Welcome to another trend link up with my lovely Elena and myself, glad to see you back :-)
Today's topic is SHEER

Skrt: Asos, Blazer: H&M old, dress worn as a top: Orsay, Italian Leather Designer Bag by Carbotti, metallic heels: Via Uno via Zalando loungeNecklace: The jewelry lady her collection in Instagram

There is a new trend in town and it's not only sweeping the red carpet but also the blogosphere and streets.

With this asos skirt I killed three birds with one stone, how sweet is that, right? The pastels trend for spring, sheer inserts which is our topic today and the full midi skirts. Jup, asos you really excelled yourself with this unique baby, thank you for your always great designs for affordable prices. Not everybody is swimming in money to  afford upscale brands.
Today I am shwowing a little skin with a peekaboo panels and translucent fabrics. If you want to try a leg veil but you are not comfy showing your thighs out this is a subtle take on the sheer trend and way to go.
It does add a dose of sex appeal to an otherwise prudish look AND so many people told me my legs look longer in that skirt. That's the best compliment  a girl with short legs can actually ever get hahaha ;-)
So glad the winter is finally over and we can indulge ourselves in tender pastels and light flaoty fabrics.

I didnt have the perfect top for this skirt so I used this laced dress as a top, you just need to be a little creative sometimes ;-)

Now it's your turn to showcase your sheer exposure, link up and don't forget to follow us on bloglovin and facebook!

PS: Our next trend link up topis is "sporty chic" on May 4th.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

yellow coat 2 ways: Casual chic vs. business chic

Casual chic look: coat: Zara, Necklace: Zara; Denim shirt: H&M; Jeans: Mango; belt: C&A; Heels: Nine West; Bag: Zara (old)
Business chic look: Pants: Mango (old), blouse: H&M; necklace: HRH Collection

When that lemon yellow coat peeked through the racks and caught my attention , I couldn't resist but trying it on and taking it home with  me. That lemon shade is an instant mood lifter and awakes spring feelings in me, yet its unique design with the half zipper and upper pockets is a coat I haven't had in my collection yet. It's such a versatile piece to dress looks up and down. I totally see wearing that coat with my favourite white dress and cute skirts but spring didnt' make its' full appearance yet to showcase. So here we go, the coat styled for work and spare time. Which one do you like best?

Als dieser zitrische Frühlingsmantel durch das Regal hervorschimmerte und meine volle Aufmerksamkeit eingenommen hat, konnte ich einfach nicht widerstehen als ihn mit nach Hause zu nehmen. Der zitrische Gelbton ist solch ein Stimmungsaufheller und weckt sofort Frühlingsgefühle in mir. Das Design durch die oberen angelegten Taschen und den nicht durchgängigen Reißverschluß machen den Mantel so außergewöhnlich, definitiv ein tolles Teil, um meine Sammlung zu erweitern. Er ist ein so vielseitiges Kleidungsstück das Looks auf- und abwerten kann. Ich kann es kaum erwarten ihn mit meinem weißen Lieblingskleid zu tragen oder verspielten Röcken, leider konnte sich der Frühling in Deutschland noch nicht komplett durchsetzen. Also geben wir uns erst einmal mit diesen zwei Kompositionen zu frieden, gestyled fürs Büro und für die Freizeit. Welche Variante spricht euch mehr zu?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nautical stripe ensemble

Jacket: Mango; Skirt; Asos; Top; H&M, Heels: ShoeDazzle, clutch: Italian handmade leather bag by; Belt: LV; Necklace; The Jewelry Lady

Stripes AGAIN, comon' Ani, seriously??? [OMG, YEAH] Don't tell me I did not warn you last week. The addiction to my beloved stripes continues, winter, spring you call it........ I am on the striped waggon all year LONG, as long as I don't die of an overdose and my readers dont get tired, it's all good, right? And don't tell me, you don't like that pattern, as well? Especially now that spring is around the corner, you can mix some maritime/nautical vibes into it.

The red accents make that ensemble really pop and I couldn't be more in love with my "zebra on heels", a friend of mine used that term the other day, when I wore zebras around my chest here. Since then I visualize a reall zebra on these heels and  just imagine it runs around like that and make the wilderness its catwalk.....Thanks Tom for that metaphor, I'm lovin' it :-D

Another thing what I love about this outfit is that I got the jacket, the bag and belt when I was on vacation in Italy and the Netherlands, so they have a pretty sentimental value to me and bring memories. Do you associate items that you purchased abroad with your lovely experiences you made?

Have a great start in the week and thanks for your visit, always makes my fashion heart jump :-)

NOTE: After the winterbreak my friend Elena and I are back for our Trendsetter's link up. We decided on the theme "Sheer". So get your spring sheer items out and link back with us on March 31st.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

double stripe

Blouse: Mango; Coat; Asos; Jeans; H&M; Boots: Mango; Bag: Asos

Hi, my name is Ani and I have a serious stripe addiction. On really bad days I can't help but wear them in double combos as in this delicate thinned striped blouse and blocked striped coat. Any attemps on addiction treatment failed CUZ there are way too MANY cute striped items out there. [Dear Asos, don't lead me into temptation buying this freaking amazing skirt that would fit my coat and deliver me from bankruptcy ] AMEN!

PS: Burgundy makes navy blue pop, don't you think? Super in love with this color palette.

PSPS: After the winterbreak my friend Elena and I are back for our Trendsetter's link up. We decided on the theme "Sheer". So get your spring sheer items out and link back with us on March 31st.

Linkin up with: Dc in sylemore pieces of

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Orchid blue black ensemble

Pants: Asos (old) last seen here; coat: C&A; Blazer: H&M; Pumps: Deichmann; Boots: Mango; Bag; Asos, Sunnies: Firmoo c/o; gloves; Göertz

That multicolored floral pants inspired me to build the rest of my ensemble around it. Those colors are super refreshing and cheerful, just right to bring some color and warmness in that cold winter season. I love how the orchird shirt peeks through the layers of jackets.