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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Serenity paired with Chatreuse

Blouse: H&M; Pants: Zara; Heels: NineWest; Jacket: Zara: Bag: Carbotti Bags

Don't those pants look like a canvas with a beautiful painting of spring blossoms? The color of the flowers inspired me to pair it with my serenity colored light weighted blouse. It totally brings calm and relaxation to the whole outfit.
Serenity, the Pantone Color of the year -for those who are not familiar with the term- a cooler tranquil blue joins so easily with the chatreuse color in my books, also it's  a little bit unexpected. That's what makes fashion so exciting and enjoyable, playing with colors and experimenting different combos.

Erinnert die Stoffhose nicht an eine Leinwand mit wunderschönen blühenden Frühlings Blüten? Die Blütenfarben haben mich inspiriert, sie mit meiner hellblauen leichten Bluse zu kombinieren. Bringt absolute Ruhe und Entspannung in das komplette Outfit.
Serenity, die Pantone Farbe des Jahres- für die mit dem Begriff nichts anfangen können- ein kühles ruhigeres blau- lässt sich wunderbar mit chatreuse (ein grün gelb Gemisch) vereinen- auch wenn ich zugeben muss, eine unerwartet Farbkombination. Das ist  aber was Mode so aufregend und amüsant für mich gestaltet, mit Farben  und Designs herum zu spielen und zu experimentieren.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Midi dress

 Dress: Vero Moda, Blazer: H&M; Sandals: Via Uno; Ring: Pilgrim
I wore this outfit to work the other day. A midi floral skirt made out of chiffon is light weighted and gives your skin enough room to breathe, especially on hotter summer days. A short blazer is the perfect piece to layer on when you are sitting on air conditioned offices. The sided braid hair up do complements pefectly to this romantic floral pattern and the bow sandals.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

it's so floral minty baby!

Dress: H&M; Blazer: H&M; Bag: ZARA; Heels: Via Uno; Necklace: Forever 21;
Outfit 2: Cardigan: New York & Company

A floral dress can be changed in it appearance by just switching between a blazer or a nice embellished cardigan. Its important to keep the upper part in the colour family of the dress to build an unity. As there is so much going on the with floral pattern and the stones, I kept the bag and heels in nude. Hope you enjoy this ensemble?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Laced in mint

Blazer: H&M
Dress: Orsay
Bag: Boutique
Heels: Via Uno
Belt: H&M
Flower: H&M
Ring: Pilgrim
Necklace: Gift

I am so obsessed with those ocean colours recently. Usually I grab for all different minty shades in the spring and throughout the summer, just so flattering on each hair and skin tone and simply refreshing. As much as I am in love with mint I am with this elegant crochet dress.Can you imagine that I got this beauty for only 20€. Was so excited when I saw the sale sign on it and if the would have had it in different colours, I would def have purchased it. It has puffy shoulders which you can't see on the pics, unfortunately forgot to take my blazer off and has a pencil skirt fit. I dressed it in a more elegant way for work but it can be dressed down by simply putting a white cropped shirt over, using the dress as a skirt and finish it with a denim jacket. I will show you different ways on how to style it in the future if you are interested? I gave this ensemble an unexpected twist by adding a leopard belt. Isn't it fun how an accessoire can change the appearance of an outfit? Thank you to my love for this precious pearl necklace he got me for christmas.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Office Chic in Ocean Colours + 1 Anniversary

Royal blue and emerald paired together remind me of the beautiful Caribbean Ocean, where I have been quite often while Eric attended medical school in Saint Maarten and Antigua. That colour combo is super refreshing and flatters every skin tone and hair colour. To give this ensemble a vivid touch, I played with different textures. The blouse is a really smooth flowy material-nearly feels like silk and compensates the heavy brocade and lurex metallic pants perfectly. I kept the accessories on the natural side not to overdo it and styled my hair to a more messy side bun to not look too polished.

On another side note: I am celebrating my first Blog Anniversary- YEAH. It was a wonderful year of extending my personal style through the wonderful inspirations and support of you guys. Thank you so much for all the love throughout the year. When I started my blog, I didn't expect such a supportive community and I am so glad to met so wonderful ladies within the blogosphere that I can call my blogger friends. Cheers to a wonderful blogging year ahead!

PS: I am linking up with my beautiful friend Elena today, she masters to rock floral and stripes so perfectly. Check it out!