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Monday, September 24, 2012

Octoberfest "Wiesn"

I had a nice weekend get away with my man, our last one as he leaves this week*bummer*. Our destination was Munich- the Octoberfest and a nice sleep over in a Spa Hotel, where he could get over his hangover and some relaxation for me :-) We were so lucky with the weather, it was pretty mild for this season and no rain. The opening on Saturday was filled with rain, so we were some lucky kids yesterday :-) I was so excited to wear my Dirndl which I got extra for the Octoberfest. Also now  living at the countryside in the Lake Constance area there are lots of tradional festivities where I can get some use out of it. Not only do Dirndl's do magic to your titties they are just so flattering on each woman's body shape. I also like to get some leathershorts in the oktoberfeststyle, saw some girls that looked pretty stylish and hot in them.
As most of my lovely readers are not from Germany, I would like to give you some infos on the Octoberfest. My american bf asked me why the Octoberfest is called "October" -Fest also it's starting in September? :-) It has actually historical reasons. The Octoberfest is located very central on the so called Theresienwiese. The area Theresienwiese has its name from Therese von Sachsen-Hidburghausen who married Prince Ludwig of Bavaria in 1810. So their first marriage celebration was the actual first Octoberfest. In the following years the fest was repeated later on extended and accelerated. Of course the warmer weather in september plays a key role. The nights are warmer and it's more covenient to stroll around the 42 hectar area. The last octoberfest weekend still lasts till October. "Wiese" is the german expression for grassland, so "Theresienwiese means grassland of Therese. Nowadays "Wiesn" -bavarian word for "Wiese" is a synomym for Octoberfest.
Have you ever been to the Octoberfest or even worn a Dirndl?
<3 Ani