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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Graphical Long Blazer

Longblazer: Witt Weiden; Leather Pants and Top: H&M; Heels: Aerin; Bag: Linda Damiani

Ist dieser tolle schwarz weiße Long Blazer mit grafischen Print nicht ein total modischer Hingucker? *verliebt*
Er besticht besonders durch seine puren Linien. Sehr edel, macht eine gute Proportion und getragen mit unifarbenen Basics setzt er ein tolles Fashion Statement.
Bin ja  ein riesen Fan vom Farbtrio schwarz weiß rot, denn Gegensätze ziehen sich ja gewöhnlich an. Vor allem wenn sie mit coolen Akzenten in Leder Optik, grafischen Mustern und im Materialmix in Szene gesetzt werden.

Bei meinen Kaufentscheidungen gehe ich heute noch viel zielbewusster als vor Jahren vor.  Die Kleidungsstücke müssen so vielfältig einsetzbar sein, dass ich sie sowohl im Privatleben als auch im Office gut tragen kann. Dabei bevorzuge ich zeitlose klassische Blazer aber immer mit einem Twist von Verspieltheit oder einer Prise Extravagance.
Er ist ein absoluter modische Klassiker fürs Büro, für spezielle Anlässe gepaart mit tollen Etuikleidern als auch dressed down- ganz léger mit einer Jeanshose.

Bin vor Kurzem eher zufällig auf den Onlinestore Witt Weiden, der für Frauen Ü50 konzipiert ist, gestoßen, da ein Modemagazin in meinem Briefkasten lag. Freue mich immer wie eine Schneekönigin, wenn ich neue Online Stores entdecke und da dann auch noch so tolle Schnäppchen dabei sind. Win Win in my books :-)
Was lernen wir also daraus? Man sollte sich nie zu sehr von einer bestimmten Zielgruppenansprache leiten lassen, denn meine Erfahrung zeigt, es sind immer tolle uniage Sachen dabei :-) Und ganz ehrlich Mode kennt doch keine Altersgrenzen ;-) Ich trage auch als 35 jährige mit vollem Selbstbewusstsein einen Blazer der für Frauen Ü50 konzipiert wurde. Chaka Booom!!!

Isn't this black white long blazer with graphical print such a fashionable eye catcher? *In love*
It impresses with its clear lines. Very elegant, contributes to good proportions and worn with uni colored basics it makes a clear fashion statement.
I am huge fan of the color trio black white and red, as opposites usually attract. Especially when they are set in scene with cool accents in leather optic, graphical patterns and through material mix.

When it comes to my purchase choices, I have a more clear approach compared to years ago. The items have to be as versatile as possible so that I can wear them for private ans office purposes.
Thereby I prefer timeless classic blazers but with a twist of playfulness or a pinch of extravagance.
It is an absolute fashion classic for the office, for special occasions paired with pretty with sheath dresses as well dressed down with a pair of jeans.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dress with cut outs

Dress: Zara (sold out similar here); Heels: Zara; Clutch: Asos; Necklace. Forever 21; Bracelet: Tasha

2 things I have to say about this Dress:

1.) It's beautiful because of the ruffled detailing at hem, the color blocking and the cut out at the back BUT as soon as you sit in the car or sit in general it gets wrinkly all over the place GRRRR. I hate that. Why are some dresses getting wrinkles quicker than others?

2.) I got it on sale -WINNER!

3.) It's such a versatile Allrounder Piece.  Pairing with the blazer it's a fashionable Office attire and just by itself a beautiful after work dress or even perfect for a attending a wedding.

4.) My mom is such a great cook that' s the reason why my stomach makes an appearance and is sticking through the dress.

And 5.) I obviously had more to say then 2 things.... oh well, I am just a woman and just can't stop talking sometimes. If Eric would still be here, you probably would hear him saying "Why do you have to talk so much?" followed by "Why do you ask so many questions all the time?"
That being said. I hope you had a good week so far? :-)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  My lovely friend Elena from DC in Style and I are teaming up every beginning of a month to have a link up on specific topics with you Girls. Every month we pick one of our favourite Bloggers to host it with us. You are more than welcome to join us next monday, September 2nd on our fall wedding attire. Looking forward what you will come up with.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

floral shorts- 3 ways

Outfit I: Shorts: Zara similar by Romwomen; Peplum: forever 21; Clutch: Boutique in Zajecar, Serbia: Heels: Zara; Bracelets: Serbia Boutique; Sunnie: Esprit
Outfit II: Blazer: Forever 21; Top: H&M
Outfit III: Blazer: Mango; Blouse: H&M, Heels: Via Uno; Clutch: H&M; Hat: H&M; Pearl Necklace: Forever 21

Purchasing my clothes has one requirement: Versatility. I try to use my clothes to the fullest and Combine them in multiple ways to get the most use out of it. The more colour an item consists of the more colour combinations are possible as in these shorts. Even a pattern mix with the striped blouse Looks pretty refreshing and fun. As you can see, I found the perfect piece in these floral short to raging myself out! Even paired with a white blazer or a black top it would look amazing. I guess I have to wait till next summer to find out though, fall is near the corner here in South Germany.
These Shorts are sold out by Zara but Romwomen has pretty much the exact pair of these shorts for the half of the price I paid for. They have the perfect floral pattern shirt to pair it with here. I just stumbled across this freaking and pretty unexpensive online store recently and already love it. you should check it out!
Which combo is your favourite? Do you get the most use out of your fashion pieces?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  My lovely friend Elena from DC in Style and I are teaming up every beginning of a month to have a link up on specific topics with your Girls. Every month we pick one of our favourite Bloggers to host it with us. You are more than welcome to join us next monday, September 2nd on our fall wedding attire. Looking forward what you will come up with.

Have a great start in the week ladies and thanks for reading!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

True Love - The Notebook

Today's post is a little bit different....
Because of him I feel complete and being content and happy in my heart. With him I shine even more and  look even prettier in this beautifull dress.
Do y'all know the great love story of Noah & Allie in the Notebook? This is exactly what our love is like!

“I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. ”
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook 

I love him for his warmhearted smiles and pretty blue eyes....
 I love when he dances with me at totally awkward places...
I love when we have a good time together and he laughs about my goofiness...

 I love that he makes this "turtle move" in order to kiss me because I am soo small...
 I love beeing free as a bird when I am with him...
 I love standing by him...
 I love when he looks at me like that...
 Grrr he drives me nuts when he tickles me but he loves how I laugh out loud
 Because of me he has his sixpack... ;-)
 I love when he makes this facial expression, means he is thinking about sth. ["when do I get tf out of here taking pictures and have a beer"]
 I love when he helps me down because I was climping a 2 meter wall with 4 inch heels to take pictures...
 and can't make it myself.....
Looking in his blue eyes connects me to his beautiful soul...
Here is an abstract of my favourite movie:

Love me some classic oldy movies and music

Congrats, you made it through this lovey dovey post!
I promise, in the next post that beautiful Elise dress from Asos will be the main character!

Thanks for reading and have a great start in the week. I am finaly back from my Italy trip and will share some impressions of it in the next weeks! So sorry that I lacked visiting your blogs, I just enjoy my time with Eric before he head back to Atlanta in a week. We won't be seeing each other for a half year again. I will be around your blog SOOON, promise!

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