Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yes to 4 eyes and brunette hair

YEAH, come all in, you are right if you wanted to visit fleuranis blog. It's me ANI. And no, it's no wig and yes I really have bad vision.........
Blazer: H&M
Plaid Shirt: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Hat: H&M (Old)
Gloves: Görtz (old)
Necklace: HRH Collection
Glasses: Firmoo

When I got my hair coloured brunette on thursday I was anything other than happy with the result. Getting home with puffy eyes from crying I was super excited finding my new glasses from in the mailbox. That def highlighted my day. Thanks again Firmoo!!!!
As a child I always hated wearing glasses and have always been embarassed to wear them: Far-Sighted (the reason why my eyes look so BIG), Cross-eyed and astigmatism.
I am everything else than gifted with great vision. Well obviously my crossed eyes got fixed by now :-D

So can you imagine the reaction at work the next day?
New glasses and new hair colour- a new Ani was born and everybody was pleased with the result *PUH* Seriously I slept so bad and was really anxious how they all will tell me what the heck I was thinking.

It’s crazy how a pair of glasses with different styles of frame can instantly upgrade your look and have the affect of raising your IQ by at least 50 points and with the brown hair its now at a total of 233 :-)
Hey comon I need to put lipstick on the pig :-D

I was so pleased with the black and blue frame which otally underlines my blue greyish eyes. Firmo really has a great selection  to choose from and helps to fill out the infos for prescription glasses.
Take a hot chocolate and make yourself comfy to visit

More importantly, they have an introductory special of a first pair free program, check it out here.  All glasses are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses.  They are also excellent quality, affordable prices, fast delivery and good service! You ONLY have to pay shipping !  If you’re not satisfied you can get a refund or exchange. I wil def get my bf some HOT glasses, I have no clue where he found his current ones :-D

I’m curious to see what all of you think of my new hair colour and new glasses? Please be honest my feelings won't be hurt *Scout's honor* :-)

PS: Thank you for all your lovely encouraging words on friday. You guys are just so sweet and I am so thankful to call you my blogger friends and have all your support :-)

<3 Ani


  1. Brown is always gonna be IQ over rated,anyways, u look awesome!!

  2. Such a cute post! I love the blue blazer mixed with the shirt!

    Great post. I hope you stop by and check out my blog.
    A Little Dash of Darling

  3. lovely look :)

  4. You look gorgeous! Love the dark hair for winter :)

  5. Wow! I LOVE your hair!!! I definately think this suits you. Super sexy. Like the smart sexy with the glasses : ) And it's so funny that we are both doing plaid in our outfits.

    I love your outfit. We never see you in something so casual and cute. The hat is darling! That colour of blazer is amazing with your dark hair. You totally look different with the darker hair, but you look super hot. I bet you man is going to go wild for the "new you" ; P


  6. Ani, I think this new hair is FABULOUS!!!!! Seriously- you rarely see someone that looks as good with dark hair as they do light, but you are stunning both ways! I think the brunette really brings out the color of your eyes. And the glasses are fantastic, too. Love it all!

  7. I LOVE the new you, Ani! You look fantastic with you darker hair (you were a beautiful blonde, but the change of color still keeps you beautiful!) And you look so darling with those glasses (great choice!) and the casual ensemble! Seeing you play in the snow make me want some too!


  8. Ani! You look beautiful. I like the brown hair, it gives you a sexiness vibe!! Love this look. It is too cute with the snow background. You're making wish it would snow here! Hope you had a great weekend!

    Oh, and tomorrow on my blog I'm having a Nordstrom gift card Giveaway with Zhanna from!! Yay!


  9. If you don't QUIT YOUR BITCHING about being a SUPERMODEL I am going to march my butt across the pond and kick yours. I love your hair! It's MIAUH and glamourishish and every wonderful German word you've ever taught me! ;) You're right, it doesn't make your eyes pop... it makes them go BOOM. I think you need to get those cute new glasses checked :)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  10. Love the glasses and LOVE the hair. You're hair dresser did a phenomenal job of coloring your hair to a shade that is incredibly flattering and brings out your eyes. I think you look just terrific!

  11. Aaa you look beautiful! x, Kat

  12. Ani - you look gorgeous as a brunette! The glasses look awesome on you too!


  13. Wow, it's snowing!! The closest to snow I could get here is at Skii Dubai, LOL! Looking super cute, Ani!


  14. I love the new hair color on you! And you wear glasses very well- so pretty!

  15. Beautiful post!! Look at all that snow! I wish we had some here!
    You look stunning as a brunette! Your man is going to love it!!
    -Adrienne. xo

  16. Ani, you look gorgeous! I love your glasses and I'm actually doing a Firmoo post tomorrow :) Aren't their glasses great?! I don't wear glasses so mine are non-prescription and it is so much fun to wear them as an accessory! Also, I am LOVING the brunette hair! You look so pretty blonde or brunette and not everyone can pull that off! :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  17. OH my gosh Ani!!! I am freaking out over your hair color! I absolutely LOVE it!!! You were gorgeous blonde, but I think I actually like the brown better!!:) It's so rich and sleek looking and it makes your eyes really pop!

  18. Ani, I love your hair! I like the light highlights in it as well! makes your beautiful eyes stand out even more, the BF will love it! I love your look and all of that snow, how fun!


  19. omg ur hair is AMAZING!!!!!!! so gorgeous! u look lovely :)

    XO Meghan

  20. I think you look incredible in brown hair, it makes your eyes look so amazing! Great glasses too, so chic on you! So fun to change your whole look every now and then isn't it!


  21. You look gorgeous wifh your beanie!!, xoxo

  22. YOU look FLAWLESS!! I love love love your hair!! WOW!

  23. I, too, volley between blonde and brown. I think you look absolutely lovely as a brunette; your eyes really pop! Winter is the perfect time to go darker anyway, right?

    Also, I'm loving the plaid with that cobalt blazer. I am feeling inspired!


  24. love your outfit, you look great love your blog!


  25. I love the pictures in the snow!! Why are you so hard on yourself your hair is gorgeous and you look so beautiful in that dark color!

  26. Wow, your hair looks gorgeous and those glasses look fabulous on you! You are one of those lucky chameleon types that looks great no matter what. Enjoy your new look! :)

  27. the new hair colour suits you very well! as do the glasses :) love the red and blue tones in your outfit too :)

  28. Now look at you now Ani....looking more ravishing than ever with that new color & glasses! I'm loving that winter look & do I see a new attitude lurking behind the specs???


  29. You look very good with darker hair, love the glasses as well! The hair colour is well suited to your complexion!

  30. Love your hair darker and your glasses are so cute!

    xo Ashley

  31. OMG Ani you look stunning, your hair looks amazing!!!!! So in love with the first photo!

  32. the photos are great,I love snow =)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

  33. I was that excited when I found out my new shoes accesories on H&M!! HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA... I'm so glad you finally chose brunette 'cause is definitely your color. You look beautiful Anni!! Oh and the pictures are soooo nice!!!

  34. Ani, oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that you are not happy with your hair colour. I will be completely honest and say that you truly look beautiful!!! You are so lucky that you look stunning as a blonde and as a brunette. Maybe just give it some time, I'm sure it will grow on you, and I'm sure that your man will love it! :) YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!

    xo Jenny

  35. I love your hair color! Without fail though, every time I change my color it takes me a few days to get used to it. You look great!

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