Friday, June 8, 2012

Time journey into the 50's

I went to the most amazing and entertaining "Rock' n' Roll Therapy" concert of Dick Brave & The Backbeats couple days ago with one of my lovely friends Christiane. It's Rock'n'Roll music and contemporary pop music with that 50's Rock N Roll flair. Pretty good stuff especially when you like that kind of music.
So that awesome concert inspired me to do a 50's shoot, not only do I like the music but always adored the look of the fifties style divas Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. I watched some hair tutorials to get that hair styles. Man I am telling ya, getting this hair flip was such a challenge, my finger got sticked all the time I rolled them up hahaha ;-)
I really welcome the comeback of that fashion style this year and so excited to do more looks if you are interested in. Let me know!

Do you like that kind of music and fashion as much as I do?
In case you don't know the band, I included a music video in this blog, you just need to scroll down and turn up the volume ;-)

Dress: Promod
Bag: Belmondo
Peep Toes: Humanic
Cat -Eye Sunnies: Asos
Earrings: Bijoux Brigit

Dick Brave & Backbeats

my lovely friend Christiane. Love ya, glad you are in my life <3

Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. Hope you enjoyed my time journey back into the 50's! :-)



  1. Nice dress! Love the way you do your hair!
    Kisses Christiane

  2. Really love your outfit! It's so ladylike and pretty! Your hair is styled perfectly for that dress.

    <3 Jenny

  3. Wow, this dress is amazing- the pattern is super cool! You look incredible Ani! LOVE this 50's look!
    And thank you sooooo much for your lovely comments on my blog- honestly, you made my day!!! Follow you dear

  4. Thank you for posting such a lovely comment on my blog ! It totally made my day :-) I am glad you like my blog and style and thanks also for inviting me to your blog ! I love 50s fashion and this outfit is simply perfect from hair to toes !
    Loving your sense of fashion and happily following you back on google friend connect !
    Kisses and see you soon on my blog !

    Fashion and Cookies
    I invite you to follow me also on Bloglovin ;)

    1. Vale, you are very welcome, how can a woman who has a passion for fashion cannot like your blog, your fashion and writing style :-). Thank you so much for you lovely comment, so glad you like it :-). Well, I already follow you as well on bloglovin to be informed about new posts, cannot miss that out :-)

      Kisses back and so happy that we are following each other :-*