Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diy Project. Painting on canvas with acrylic

 If you want to make somebody's day and looking for a great gift, paintings on canvas is a great idea. I find so much pleasure in painting. I usually don't have the time for it or lack of inner inspiration but sometimes it just overcomes me and I need to grab a brush and give my creativity full scope. It was like that on sunday where I did this painting for one of my besties for her birthday. All you need is some labels from wine bottles, glue, some colours in white, green and oxblood, that's it well maybe some skills too hehe ;-)
 Referring to the costs is pretty inexpensive but the outcome is priceless. I'd always loved to give my loved ones sth special and painting is where I put my love into.

In Vino Veritas- In wine there is truth

Do you enjoy those kind of posts? If yes maybe I will do some more paintings. I will probalby share the paintings I have done so far with you in the near future :-)

<3 Ani

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black in Black

 Blazer: Orsay
Skirt: H&M
Blouse: Halhuber
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Seejewelry

Usually I don't go for a complete black look as it might appear too harsh and gothic. I associate black with sadness and it just doesn't fit my witty personality. In order to appear more girly and feminine I experimented with different textures and structures. The outfit  looked better in person as it does on the pictures though :-)

PS:L I had such a pretty bussy week at work that I will catch up with looking at your blogs at the weekend :-)
<3 Ani

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Old Flame Never Dies with Blogger friends #2

Good morning Everyone!

Wednesday can't begin better with starting my "An Old Flame Never Dies" series with this pretty lady and my dearest blogger friend Jenny from crazystylelove.

I am so excited that the wonderful Ani has given me the honour of participating in her clever "An Old Flame Never Dies" series.  My name is Jenny and I'm a girly-girl with a penchant for all things pretty.  Crazy Style Love is my personal style diary of my daily fashion choices.  My style is very feminine and my closet is full of classic silhouettes, bright colours and statement accessories.  

I instantly loved Ani's idea for this series.  I truly love to shop, but I'm also on a budget, so sometimes I need a reminder that I don't always have to buy new things. I can still get my shopping fix by shopping my closet and trying to pair old pieces in new ways.

Thank you again for having me, Ani!  I can't wait to see your next look, and also who you feature next week!

 Jacket: Club Monaco (7 years)
Top: H&M (2 years)
 Skirt: Club Monaco (8 years)
Handbag: Chanel (5 years)
Shoes: Nine West (3 years)

Thank you so much for digging out your beautiful oldies for my series Jenny. Make sure to check out her blog which exudes feminity, elegance and extravagance. She is surely one of my favourite bloggers.

If you want to participate in this series let me know!

<3 Ani

Monday, November 5, 2012

Those boots are made for walking.......

 Dress: H&M
Plaid Blouse: Orsay
Leather Jacket: Boutique in Serbia
Tights: H&M
Belt: Orsay
Boots: Vintage

I am a huge country music fan, a passion that my american boyfriend has roused in me, it is just something that connects us. And serisously what would be country music without cowboy boots? They just belong together like a "butt on a bucket"- German idiom for the pot needs the lid ;-)
Got those vintage cowboy boots with lovely detailing from a vintage store on ebay and I just LOVE them. Paired with my super cute laced dress and that checked blouse I am ready for some good old country music  YEEHAW! :-) I even listen to it in the office and driving my coworkers nuts hahahaha, that's passion, huh? ;-) I just have the feeling when I listen to it, that my boyfriend is with me and not over 6000 miles away from me, ok I better stop with my lovey dovey NOW :-).
What are your favourite country songs if at all hahaha? Let me know so I can check them out.
Thanks and hope you enjoy this look!

<3 Ani

Friday, November 2, 2012

"An Old Flame Never Dies" # 2

Hat: H&M (7 years old)
Fur Cardigan : Zara (8years old) 
Skirt: H&M (11 years old)
Bag: Vintage (30 years old)
Boots: C&A (8 years old)



Yeah as you can see winter hit Germany with some sweet snow :-).......
Anna-Lena- my sweet and talented photographer and sis of choice summoned me after I was shivering from the cold and making really weird grimaces in the cam to stopp being a pussy and making my viewers assume that I am having fun  IOI (yeah right) :-D. How smart she is with her 14. Anyways this shoot was done in less than 2 minutes in our garden:  Grith your teeth and get to it with a SMILE hehehe ;-)

Oh how I loved this paid skirt back in high school. I wore it all the time and then it got lost in my parents wardrobe for probably the last 8 years. It has classic and timeless checked pattern and colours -especially elements of burgundy THE fall colour this seasonn. Combined with different brown hues I am forearmed for the winter. I think faux fur and checked pattern will never go out of fashion, this cardigan with the faux fur collar is on heavy rotation ever since I got it  8 years ago :-)

My outfit doesn't look old at all, huh? If you wanna participate in my series (click #1 to see the 1st look of this series) and wanna show us your oldtimer but goodies, let me know :-)
Krista from junggindiggingettinglost started it last tuesday here

<3 Ani 
PS: linking up to the boot challenge of  marionberrystyle

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Patterned on repeat

Blazer: Zara
Top: Zara
Pants: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Pumps: Fabiani
Bowling Bag: Belmondo
Belt: Mango


I just love the versatility of those diamond patterned pants. Depending on the occasion they can be dressed up and down. Click here to see how I styled them in a more streetstyle way.
This time I styled them office appropriate by adding those leather buckle pumps that I reshoped in my closet (6 years old MIAUH) and that lovely tailored black blazer. I just love how that hunting green ads that splash of colour to my look in an elegant way. The bubble necklace gives that statement and playful touch.
As a business laywer specialised in employee law and Human Resources Management working for a young and dynamic company its inevitable to exude modernity- in my opinion anyways :-)
Whosoever said that office clothes have to be boring will be disabused!

<3 Ani

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An old Flame never dies Series with blogger friends #1: Krista from Junkindiggingettinglost

Good morning, everyone! 
I'm super excited to introduce my lovely blogger friend Krista from junkindiggingettinlost for this first week's edition of "An old flame never dies". 

Krista ist a college grad with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and current works in retail management who shares with us how she styles her oldies but goodies.

Hi Everyone,
my name is Krista from junkindiggingettinlost. A blog about my style and diggin' finds. 
My blog is my creative outlet and passion. It's where I share my thoughts, ideas, finds and parts of my life to the world.  Lots of thought and work goes into every one of my posts and I hope my viewers enjoy!!   
My love of fashion started with my grandmother.  I used to love going into her closet and seeing all her pretty things.  I used to love looking at her pictures when she was younger and made her own clothing.  She said she couldn't afford all the new trends, so her and her sisters would make them.  Of course, I was one of the little girls that had 100s of Barbies and loved to cut out my own paper dolls using my mom's old catalogs.  So, fashion and clothing has been apart of my entire life. 

** Blazer: JCrew (1.5 years) / Shirt: Brooks Brothers (1 year) / Scarf: Vintage (1 year) / Boots: Vintage Etienne Aigner (3 years) / Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (4 years) / Hat: Unknown (3 years) / Clutch: The Limited (4 years) / Belt: TJ Maxx (4 months) / Leg Warmers: Hue (1 month)  **

This is an outfit I wore to a Tennessee Titans football game on Sunday.  It was the perfect day for the game!  I made sure to layer because of the fall breeze.  All the items I have on I have had for over a year, minus the leg warmers.  Blazers are excellent items to invest in and never go out of style.  They allow you to wear them over and over again.  Layering is a way to shine a new life on old items.  Mixing colors, patterns and textures make an outfit stand out.

Thank you for sharing Krista you look absolutely adorable and make sure to check out her great blog everyone. She is truly a vintage queen, always finds the best thrifts :-)!

PS: If you wanna participate in my series make sure to let me know :-)

<3 Ani

Monday, October 29, 2012

Outfit Under 90€

Faux Leather Skirt: H&M
Blouse: Halhuber
Blazer: H&M
Tights: Asos
Leather Heels: Deichmann
Necklace: Seejewelery
Sunnies: Guess
Bag: Channel

I got this pale rose blazer with bow detailing at the pocket for 20 Euro this summer*SCORE* Actually it's a suit short but for some reason uniforms don't look good on me, so I will use both items individually which is totally fine with me  :-) The faux leather pleated skirt is a good substitute to make this look appear edgier -btw got it for 10€ on the summer sale as well, isn't that ridiculous? Nothing better than shopping on low budget. So the whole outfit (the silk blouse was on sale too hahaha) maybe I should title this post "Sale look"?!) was under 90€ minus the bag :-). My man can be so proud however he is always telling me I spend way too much money on clothes and I don't need any more for the rest of my life *cough*. “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” Carrie my friend- I can't agree more with your wise words :-)
Do you like this kind of post? Let me know what you think and I will do more looks for under 100€.
<3 Ani

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Series: "An Old Flame Never Dies"

Background: Castle Heiligenberg
 Blouse: Forever 21 (12 months old)
Leather jacket: Zara (4 months old)
Skirt: Zara (2,5 years old)
Clutch: Asos (9 months old)
Boots: H&M ( 2 years old)
Tights: H&M (3 years old)
Overknee Socks: Boutique in Netherlands (5 years old)
Hat: H&M (1 year old)


The view on the Alps, lake constance and the castle of my older apartment in Heiligenberg :-)

Having an overfilled closet and some serious high payments that need to be done on my student loans plus my recent broken car for the next half year, I came up with the idea of starting a series "oldies but goodies". Remixing older clothes that has been in my wardrobe for several years and maybe decades that still can be trendy :-)
Sometimes I have the feeling that bloggers are fighting to be the very first one to show off the latest trends or newest articles that were brought out. That might be appealing to those one who have a pretty big budget and no financial duties but for somebody as me who has to pay off stuff it's not possible. I want to encourage my lovely readers to be creative and rethink styling possiblities with some oldies. That is not only a fun challenge but your bank account will highly appreciate it ;-)

What I love about fall is LAYERING and pulling off my looks with opaque tights, overknee socks and boots. Digging out my 3 year old plaid skirt is my loyal signifcant companion during the fall/winter season and that every year. Checked pattern are absolutely timeless and can be combined with a variety of different colours. I picked up the colour palette that is  used  in my skirt and build my look around these colours. The hat and the ruffles on my blouse give it a fun and playful and vintage touch...

How do you like to deal with older items? Do you consider them to rewear them over the years or clear your clothes out every season?

PS: In the next days I will ask some of my blogger friends to participate in that series, I will link them on my blog and that will be so much fun. So stay tune or let me know who wants to participate.  I will contact you then :-)

<3 Ani