Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diy Project. Painting on canvas with acrylic

 If you want to make somebody's day and looking for a great gift, paintings on canvas is a great idea. I find so much pleasure in painting. I usually don't have the time for it or lack of inner inspiration but sometimes it just overcomes me and I need to grab a brush and give my creativity full scope. It was like that on sunday where I did this painting for one of my besties for her birthday. All you need is some labels from wine bottles, glue, some colours in white, green and oxblood, that's it well maybe some skills too hehe ;-)
 Referring to the costs is pretty inexpensive but the outcome is priceless. I'd always loved to give my loved ones sth special and painting is where I put my love into.

In Vino Veritas- In wine there is truth

Do you enjoy those kind of posts? If yes maybe I will do some more paintings. I will probalby share the paintings I have done so far with you in the near future :-)

<3 Ani


  1. What a neat idea.


  2. Oh, Ani...That is such a great gift! You did an amazing job. I love it!! I wouldn't have ever thought to add the labels. You should definitely do more of these.


  3. Great post! I'm your new Follower.. I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) Kisses from VV!!

  4. Wow, lovely. :)

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. I love this post, are very talented!
    I've been checking your blog, and I really liked it!
    I'm following you, of course!
    I invite you to stop by my blog, and if you like it, I'd love if you follow me back, hopefully via bloglovin ...
    A big hug!


  6. Such a beautiful gift for a friend-very creative!!!!!!!! I love spending some time drawing and painting!

  7. It looks wonderful dear. I haven't painted in weeks/month or so. It's such a great gift. Something handmade always makes me smile. xx/Madison

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  9. Ani, that is so wonderful! It is so creative that you used real wine bottle labels. I would love to see more of your fabulous work!

    xo Jenny

  10. You are so creative! Adore the painting and I would be so happy to have a friend gift me with something as beautiful and made with love.