Sunday, January 18, 2015

Black Nine West Boots

Jacket: Zara; Boots: Nine West; Scarf: Zara; Gloves: Görtz; Sunnies: Esprit; Bag: Chanel

Those black boots were on my christmas wishlist and Santa Eric got them for me- CHAKA BOOM. I have a lots of comfortable flat boots and had a chic platform boots in mind that I wanted to have for skinny jeans and dresses. I am huge Nine West fan as they shoes have unique designs and are so comfortable to walk in- so these were a winner in my books.

Ich beim Auspacken meines Weihnachtsgeschenks. Sie schauen besonders stylish in Pyjamas aus :-D
Unwrapping my christmas present. They look especially stylish in my yamies :-D

I wore this more casual look when we looked for cute puppies and dogs at the adoptioin center in Greenville in South Carolina. Staying warm was key as the temperatures were super low 30's  last week. Looking at all those dogies that were in shelter made me super sad and I wish I could give each of them a nice home. We wanted to get an idea what kind of dog we would like to get later in the year when we move together. I am opting for the more smaller medium family dogs as Maltese or Retriever or Labrador. Eric does not want a cheesy cute little dog- his favorites are Pit Bulls, Huskys, etc. He wants a dog that protect his house and future kids and he can run in the forrest with. Finding the right dog for US needs to be continued :-)

Have a you adopted dogs yet? What are your favorites and which one can you recommend to have?

Diese schwarzen Stiefel waren auf meiner Weihnachts Wunschliste und der liebe Weihanchtsmann Eric hat mir diesen Wunsch erfüllt- CHAKA :-). Ich habe so einige flache Stiefel in meinem Sortiment und mir schwirrten chice höhere schwarze Stiefel im Kopf, die ich für Skinny Jeans oder auch Kleidern haben wollte.
Dieses doch recht bequeme Outfit trug ich zum Tierheim als wir uns nach Hunden in Greenville South Carolina umschauten. Dick eingemuckelt zu sein war essentiell um die um die 0 Grad Temperaturen zu ertragen. Als großer Tierfan vor allem aber Hunde hat mich der Anblick dieser eingesperrten Hunde sehr traurig gestimmt und ich wünschte ich hätte jedem ein schönes zu Hause bieten können. Wir wollten ein Gefühl für unseren zukünftigen Hund bekommen und welche Rasse uns besonders anspricht.  Mir schweben vor allem kleinere bis mittel große Familienhunde vor wie Malteser (ich liebe den Hund aus der Cesar Werbung ;-)..) oder Golden Retriever oder Labradore. Eric möchte keine zuckersüßen "Frauenhunde" haben, auf seiner Wishlist stehen große starke Hunde wit Pit Bulls, Huskys usw. Sein Traumhund soll zukünftig sein Haus und Kinder beschützen und mit dem er durch die Wälder joggen kann. Die richtige Hundeauswahl für uns muss fortgesetzt werden :-)

Habt ihr schon mal Hunde aus dem Tierheim adoptiert? Habt ihr Favoriten und welche Rasse könnt ihr besonders empfehlen.


  1. Hello! I love this beautifiul olive coat and scarf and the boots are hot!
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by, xx

  2. Santa Eric did very well this year. Those boots are quite stunning on you. I haven't been tempted to purchase high heeled boots for quite some years but lately, especially seeing how wonderful they look on my blogging friends, my thoughts and wants are changing very quickly. I'm surprised how wonderful they look with your jeans and how casual you made them look. Love your entire outfit chose.
    Good luck with the puppy search . . . my only advice is to stay away from the Maltese, owning one of those made me never want to be a dog owner again. But maybe I just had a neurotic one.

  3. Not sure which boots I like more. These suede boots are so chic! Thanks again for linking up with Shoe and Tell on Style Nudge!!


  4. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of Nine West Shoes at #Majorbrands.

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