Wednesday, August 13, 2014

girly girl

Dress: Sheinside; Heels: Marionn by Jessica Simpson via ShoeDazzle; Hair Accessoire: H&M old; lipstick: Covergirl eternal #350
I couldn't wait to wear those magenta heels that I ordered at ShoeDazzle a couple of months ago. A bummer that they don't ship to Germany so I got them delivered to my boyfriend's house in Duncan SC. I thought he can be my personal postman when he comes visiting me. Finally my man got here 4 weeks ago and I could wear them out to a super nice date night with my love. He wasn't amused that I ordered 3 more heels- UPS. I bought the same pair in a royal blue.
 We went to a chinese restaurant in Ravensburg to celebrate his graduation from Medical School. Just love chinese food, I could overeat myself with Sushi- soooo Yummie :-)
This ensemble is so girly with all the lace, flower headband and the pop of Magenta.
Ich konnte es kaum abwarten die Magenta farbenen Heels, die ich vor einigen Monaten bei ShoeDazzle bestellt habe auszuführen. Unglücklicherweise liefern sie nicht nach Deutschland, so dass ich die Heels an die Adresse meines Freundes in die USA habe liefern lassen. Er wurde quasi gezwungenerweise zu meinem persönlichen Boten erklärt. Vor vier Wochen, war es dann endlich so weit, der Besuch meines Freundes stand an und im Gepäck die Schuhe, die ich zu einem super schönen Date mit meinem Liebsten getragen habe. Er war nicht so amüsiert, dass ich noch 3 weitere Paar Schuhe bestellt habe- UPS. Habe mir das selbe Model noch ein einem schönen königsblau gekauft.
 An dem Abend sind wir nach Ravensburg Chinesisch essen gegangen. Ich könnte mich in Sushi reinlegen, super lecker :-)
Das Ensemble ist so girly mit all den Spitzen Details, dem Blumen Haareifen und dem Farbsplash der Magenta Heels.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quintessential ways to distinguish yourself

Separating yourself from the crowd is easy.  Literally anyone can do it.  You can be that guy who strips off his clothes and runs onto the baseball diamond only to be tackled by security.  You can be that woman with the awkwardly loud hair and clothes that act as a gaudy lighthouse from a mile away.  While anyone can stand out, it takes a man of imagination, class and awareness to distinguish himself.  Even the word “distinguish” carries with it an implied taste and confidence that everyone wants but few manage elegantly.  There are countless ways to gracefully flaunt this quality, and remember, the key here is “gracefully.” 

A Rolex

Need I say more?  We all know that I really don’t, but we also know that I will.  Rolex and class are practically synonymous.  You can’t have a Rolex without class, and class is only magnified with a Rolex.  It is more than a watch, more than a piece of jewelry, it is a testament to perfection in aesthetic and engineering.  If you wear a Rolex, doors will open before your eyes and opportunities won’t come knocking, they’ll come begging.  For the gentleman looking to distinguish himself from the crowd, but really the world, the properly chosen Rolex watch is truly the quintessence of tact, taste and confidence.  If you think you are ready, and believe me, not everyone is, then go online and search for the one exquisite piece that will define you at The Watch Buyers Group
The Rolex is the Rolls Royce of watches, and it is priced accordingly.  Therefore, not everyone has access to one.  For those of us whose business cards don’t say CEO under our names, there are some other, more accessible ways- especially for my man who just finished medical school and is dreaming to possess a Rolex.

A Suit

While a great suit will set you back, it won’t break the bank.  Any dent it makes on your finances will come back to you as soon as you take a look in the mirror.  The right suit means not just any suit.  You don’t have to get the best one, but you have to get a good one, and you need someone with a keen eye to help you find an appropriate fit.  Even after you’ve chosen a great, well-fitting suit, it still needs to be tailored.  This isn’t an option, it’s a requirement and you’ll see the difference and know why as soon as you observe how you look. 

An excellent handshake

Some of us are working toward lofty goals, but haven’t reached them yet.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t distinguish ourselves in a memorable and tactfully confident way.  It just means that we need to be more careful, and carry ourselves in a demeanor that shows our peers and colleagues that even though we’ve not made it, we expect to.  We demand to. 

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Baptism asos eyelash dress

dress: asos; bag: bag: carbotti; Heels:  Via Uno

The last couple of months have been wedding and baptism season. What was special about that one baptism is that I was asked by my good friend from University if I wanna be the godmother of her son Erik. It just made me so proud. She even named him like my love. So now I have two important Eric(k)s in my life.

Before the ceremony my mom took some pics of that pretty dress that has eyelash details to bodice and it the best part of it, it swings like you are one of these dancing with the stars participates. It's time that my honey takes me to the floor so the dress can be taken out more often.

Die letzten Monate war die Saison der Hochzeiten und Taufen. Besonders bei dieser Taufe war, dass ich von meiner Universitäts Freundin gefragt worden bin ob ich nicht die Patentante ihres Sohnes Eriks werden möchte. Ich fühlte mich sofort geehrt und könnte nicht stolzer sein diesen kleinen Stinker sein Leben lang zu begleiten. Sie hat ihn sogar nach meiner Liebe benannt. Nun habe ich zwei sehr wichtige Eric(k)s in meinem Leben.

Vor der Zeremonie hat meine liebste Mami noch einige Aufnahmen von dem schönen Kleid mit den tollen Wimpernfransen Details getätigt. Der Unterrock schwingt so schön und man fühlt sich wie eine dieser Let's Dance Teilnehmer. Wird Zeit, dass mein Honey mit mir das Tanzbein schwingt, damit das Kleids noch häufiger ausgeführt wird.

PS: Sorry I have been MIA for the last weeks, I have been on vacation to Crotia and totally loved it :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Floral Romper

Romper: TK Maxx; Heels: Sheinside; Bag: Carbotti; Glasses: Firmoo c/o;

Aren't there just the cutest rompers out there right now? While I went to my girls wedding and my godson's baptism to my hometown Bielefeld, I also went a little bit overboard shopping at TK Maxx. The price point was so phenomenal, that I couldn't pass this flirty one piece up. 16€, comon can't beat that!
I recently ordered some cute rompers from sheinside, that I will totally rock in my Croatia vacation in a week *WHOOP WHOOP* super excited. I will def come up with some pics on how I styled them.

PS: Can't wait to see GERMANY playing on the World Cup tonight. Should be an interesting game :-)