Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Old Flame Never Dies Series with blogger friends #3

Hey my loves! I'm excited to introduce Suzanne from Suzanne Carillo Style Files, for this installment of the "An old flame never dies" series! 

Hi, I'm Suzanne and I have a blog called Suzanne Carillo Style Files. My blog previously was called Bisous (French for little kisses) as that is the name of my design/scrapbook company. I started my blog initially for marketing my designs which include illustrations for the crafting industry, stamps, stickers and scrapbooking papers. I have been dedicating more of my time towards my newer interests which are jewelry design and fashion. I began focusing more on fashion through my blog about 10 months ago. For years I've styled my friends and family so this was a very natural progression for me.  In the future I'm hoping to offer image consultation helping others discover their own personal style. In the meantime on my blog I'm having fun putting together outfits, creating style boards, designing jewelry, drawing illustrations, making cards, crafting some DIYs and maybe a bit of scrapbooking from time to time and other bits and bobs from my every day life which includes a husband from France and a "baby" ( I call her a baby but really she is now in her 20's in dog years, oh how they grow up so fast!) pug called Zoe. 

I want to thank Ani for letting me participate in this feature. I love Ani's colourful style and fab European backgrounds in her photos. I always feel a bit like I've travelled when I read her posts.  I think her idea to feature older pieces that we have been neglecting in our closets is timely due to the current economic crisis and the fact that not everyone has an endless fashion budget or loads of companies shipping them free products. With the upswing in vintage shopping it's the perfect time to start realizing that there are pieces of clothing that can be considered timeless classics that you can literally keep for a lifetime if you look after them well and stay away from the junk-food aisles.
 Dress - Boutique

Slip - Skirt from H&M
Shoes - Juicy Couture
Bag - Melanie Lynn
Necklace - by me

Okay... here is the oldest item in my closet and a true timeless classic. I bought this dress for my high school graduation. No joke. I don't want to get into exact dates (Lordy NO!), but it suffices to say that both myself and the dress would be considered vintage. I was sweet 16 when I bought and wore this dress to my graduation ( I graduated earlier than most because I skipped a grade. Yes...I used to be smart). I bought it from an exclusive woman's shop in the mall where I worked and told the saleswoman at the time (whom I thought was super old and I'm sure she was much younger than I am now! Sigh...) that I wanted something classic and simple but unique. Yes, it's true that I've always known what I wanted. I'm sure if you've read my blog you're not surprised by that little tid-bit.  You know you've really bought a classic piece when you can wear it so many years later and have it still look good. I know, I's a miracle it still fits! Granted, it was looser when I wore it when I was just 16, but I'm still able to move freely in it without worrying something will pop or explode. Other than my hip (just kidding). I updated the dress a bit by adding a lace slip (it's actually a skirt but I'm using it like a slip) silver belt and one of my wearable art pieces, a fabric necklace that I've pinned to the neckline. I still adore the lovely detailed draping and open back of this otherwise very simple black crepe dress.

Thanks for sharing Suzanne and make sure to check out her blog and her lovely statement necklaces everyone, I'll  guarantee you won't be disappointed!

If you wanna participate in this series, let me know!
<3 Ani


  1. First off compliments again for this series idea.. " Old flame never dies " :)

    And Suzanne's look is so classic ! Will surely check out her blog too :)

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. Such a pretty dress Suzanne! Your necklace is stunning! I agree, I always feel like I've travelled after seeing Ani's posts. . . wonderful!

    xo Jenny

  3. I love this idea and her look is so amazing!
    That dress is such an awesome color with her coloring!
    -Adrienne. xo

  4. She looks so pretty in this dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. This is such a classic, pretty look. What a great purchase you made! You look lovely.


  6. This is such a great series, Ani! And I love the title! It's also a great opportunity to meet new bloggers, I didn't know Suzanne, but she is certainly a beauty and the dress looks amazing on her! Nothing like a LBD to stand the test of time!


  7. I love the dress and the flower details! Very pretty! It is nice to meet you!


  8. WOW That's a hell of a dress! I wish I'd been that stylish at my high school graduation :)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  9. Truly an awesome choice for your series Ani....Suzanne can make any closet oldie look so hot!!!