Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Old Flame Never Dies with blogger friend Rebecca

Hey my loves, I am beyond excited to introduce you to my sweet and most eloquent blogger friend Rebecca who will present her great outfits for my series "An Old Flame Never Dies". She always has the best steals ever, so I wish I would live in Los Angeles not to go only shopping with her but to give her a big hug as she is just the most thoughtful person I have ever met. So take your time and go check out her blog and you will cherish her fashion and writing style as much as I do.
 Hi everyone! I'm Rebecca behind the blog, Red Tag Chic Los Angeles. Already in my late 40s, this blog is my creative vehicle to showcase all the things and thoughts that make me smile...and that is mostly about beauty, fashion & my ever-evolving personal style. Much as I would love to have the latest “IT” bag, a front row seat at the Fashion Week, and all the top luxury brands at my beck and call, I love the thrill of saving a couple of bucks by finding a good deal, remixing and shopping in my closet……and living in style central Los Angeles makes it all fun and easy. I believe that being sexy and fabulous does not come with a price is a choice and a state of mind!

So I thought I won't really have a hard time heeding my friend Ani's call for me to join her fab challenge....An Old Flame Never Dies...just because I have built my blog from outfits that have been with me for quite a long time....pieces that I consider transcending time and space! 

 Forever 21 black & white ruffled top - 3 years old
Unbranded black pencil skirt - 10 years old
Carlos Santana platform stilettos from Ross - 3 years old

Another one of my closet true loves (I would really cry if I lose this one :) happy).....this dainty ruffly top is one outfit that I wear when I want to look at my sexiest best!  The ruffles (I think!) beautifully hides my excess tummy fat....making me oh-so comfortable all night long (I don't have to suck it it all the time) :) happy

Another closet favorite
Poncho from Ross - 2 years old
Franco Sarto boots from Marshalls - 1 year old

Forever 21 striped dress - 2 years old
Bagatelle Leather vest from Loehmann's (actually a convertible leather jacket) - 3 years old
Style & Co. from Macy's suede boots - 5 years old
House of Harlow from Marshalls sunglasses - 1 year old

Thank you so much for the great selection of your oldies but goodies Rebecca. Make sure to check out her blog.

<3 Ani
PS: I you want to participate in my weekly series make sure to let me know :-)


  1. lovely! happy new year!

  2. Rebecca is like candy...pretty and sweet : )


  3. I love Rebecca's blog- she is always so trendy while wearing affordable clothes!

  4. Great looks. I love the black and white ruffle top and the striped dress paired with the leather vest. Gorgeous!

  5. It was such a delight working with you on this series Ani.....Thanks again for the opportunity!! Happy NY my dear!!!


  6. Love Rebecca's blog! She does always find the best deals ever....I think I need to go shopping with her too!


  7. I love these looks Rebecca! You're so fabulous!

  8. I love Rebecca's blog! What a cute post! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Love seeing you two collaborating, and I'm totally with Suzanne... Rebecca is like candy... pretty and sweet! Happy, Happy New Year to you both, and here's to the best 2013 has to offer!

  10. I love Rebecca too!! She's such a lovely and beautiful lady!! You two make a wonderful combination :)

  11. That tank top is adorable! You look like perfection in the pic, that lipstick is to DIE for.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  12. Great way of mixing it up! Can't wait to check out her site!


  13. Hi Ani! So fun to see Rebecca here... she always looks amazing and is one of the nicest bloggers around. Hope both of you have a wonderful day!

  14. All of those outfits are so fabulous, and her hair is so gorgeous!


  15. Amazing post. Love Rebecca, her blog and her outfits! Hope you're enjoying your vacay. :)

    xo Ashley

  16. Ani, I couldn't agree more, Rebecca is the sweetest!! She looks fabulous in these photos!

    xo Jenny